Wacoal’s launches their Sports Bra Collection for Active Women. :)


Women nowadays are always on the go. But despite of all the busy schedules, they always make sure that they reserve enough time for their sports activities or physical workouts to make them stay fit and maintain their curve.

Just like me, I’m a Work at Home Mommy with 21 months old baby. My 24 hours is always divided on our business errands, blogging, household chores and mommy duties as well. But despite of it I make sure that once or twice a week  I gave myself an ample time to do my physical activities like playing badminton, joining fun runs or just simply walking or running inside the village.

Good news to us!

Philippine Wacoal Corporation, one of the world’s major intimate apparel brands in the Philippines and Japan’s leading manufacturer of women’s intimate apparel launches its Sports Bra Collection.

Photo credit to owner.

Wacoal’s Sports Bra Collection

 The high-quality collection caters to light, medium and hard-impact sports and was created using fine fabric and state of the art Japanese technology.

The light-impact bra is a racer back-style which features a non-wire moulded cup for utmost comfort and great hook and eye reinforcements to help ease of movement while doing stretching, yoga, Pilates and similar light activities.


Basic feature/s 

Sports bra * Non-wire * Molded cup


ib1099 bl ib1099 ip1099

The medium-impact type is a non-wired sports bra that gives essential support and comfort, with its thick straps giving the bust a stable lift even when in motion. It’s perfect for aerobic activities like brisk walking, stair climbing or dancing.


Basic feature/s

Sports bra * Thin pads


 sb4504 gy su4504 gy

SB 4505 BLSU4505

The high-impact sports bra is a slightly-padded, racerback which provides full support and confidence when doing intense workout like high-intensity dance exercises, boxing, and running. This bra also has compression features that allow breasts to move  in unison with the torso and minimize the bouncing movement


Basic feature/s

Sports bra * Slightly padded * Racer back


sb4506 pi su4506 pit

Luckily, I was the first one to have and experience their high-impact sports bra.


What’s good with this newest sports collection of Wacoal is that unlike other sports bra this comes with adjustable strap.

IMG_20151005_190547~2 IMG_20151005_190603

And their sizes is not just in Small, Medium, Large Scale but They have actual sizes that would perfectly fits you.


You can check here on what size comfortably fits your body https://wacoal.ph/content/24-be-body-beautiful-at-any-age

My Sister & I was able to try it on and see its performance while doing Bamboo Wand Exercise with our instructor Mawi De Ocampo at Tha Cityland Alphaland, Makati.


IMG_20150929_161417 IMG_20150929_161435



 “Helping empowering women has always been one of Wacoal’s mission since it came to the Philippines in 1989, in addition to providing high quality products and superior customer service to our patrons,” says Philippine Wacoal Corporation, President Ms. Ann Christine Palisoc.


For more information, visit www.wacoal.ph.

For more pics, you check my page https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.381043698732710.1073741839.372075746296172&type=3

Thanks Wacoal! I can now perfectly move without worrying if my bra strap will fall 🙂

Look I’m wearing it now! It’s very comfy! 🙂


Oops.. Excuse my battle marks 🙂


8 thoughts on “Wacoal’s launches their Sports Bra Collection for Active Women. :)

  1. mothersatworkhub says:

    Hi! Just saw this article today and would like to thank you for featuring the YU HEZU Bamboo Wand works out as well 🙂 I do hope you and your sister enjoyed the workout! I am now teaching in at SouLove Center in Alabang Hills area, drop by and check out even more classes and activities like Nia (Gentle, Classic & Power), Bollywood Dance, Yin Yoga, Gentle Flow Yoga, Power Yoga, Kundalini Yoga & also Kids Yoga 🙂 Let me know if you want to check it out by reaching me at 09177017593.

    May I ask if I can link your article with my blog mothersatworkhub.org ? May I also share your photos and servile through my social media accounts? I’ll credit you of course 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday 🙂

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