Love Desserts is Yummier the 2nd time around.. :)

It is true indeed that not only in  Love but also in Love Desserts that it is sweeter and yummier the second time around.

I first fell in love with Love Desserts last September 2015 when I visited their Banawe branch and fell in love more when I visited Love Desserts Fairview last October 11, 2015. 🙂


Love Desserts Fairview

Here’s the 5 reasons why I love “Love Desserts”

First, They have a variety of desserts and you will able to taste it all for 199 pesos only.


Second, They have a friendly staffs and accommodating Manager like Ms. Emily Ballesteros.

Me & Ms. Emily. 🙂

Third, They acknowledge that your special on your birthday and give your buffet for free.
Luckily, I was able to witness one of the guest birthday celebration.

Antit & Macky -The Birthday Celebrants


The Manager & staffs happily singing Happy Birthday. 🙂

Fourth, the place is cozy and vintage looking.IMG_20151011_133558

JCD_0199JCD_0208JCD_0198    JCD_0185

JCD_0207  JCD_0196

Lastly, they served variety of yummy desserts that you will surely love.

IMG_20151011_121623 IMG_20151011_122535 IMG_20151011_122553 IMG_20151011_122558 IMG_20151011_122603 IMG_20151011_122606 IMG_20151011_122612 IMG_20151011_121716 IMG_20151011_121726 IMG_20151011_121732 IMG_20151011_121748 IMG_20151011_125842 IMG_20151011_125955 IMG_20151011_130057 JCD_0163 JCD_0164 JCD_0165 JCD_0166 JCD_0167 JCD_0168 JCD_0169 JCD_0170 JCD_0171 JCD_0172 JCD_0173

This place is recommendable to everyone.

My family and friends enjoyed our visit and will surely visit again. 🙂


Our Little Master Jayden Marcus enjoying his colorful cookie. 🙂


Me and my two boys happy and satisfied. 🙂


With my friends 🙂

Love Desserts Fairview is conveniently located at Pearl Drive Commercial Center 2nd Floor Commonwealth Fairview, Quezon City


For more info you can visit my their fb page

You can also check my page for more pics


12 thoughts on “Love Desserts is Yummier the 2nd time around.. :)

  1. Melisa Sanchez says:

    We’ve been there last 2 months? I think? hehe. Gusto kong bumalik with my hubby pag uwi nya. I love sweets and malapit lang dito samin. Sarap balik-balikan ang Love Desserts and its very affordable


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