100% MEGA Tuna introduces Lisa Soberano as their newest product endorser.

Mega Tuna Billboard Ad

Last October 20, 2015, MEGA Global Corporation introduced their latest product endorser, Ms. Lisa Soberano famously known teen star in the teleserye “Forevermore” at Luxent Hotel. She is indeed a perfect match with MEGA Tuna because of her 100% pure beauty inside and out.


Mega Global Corporation is Philippines’ top manufacturer and distributor of premium canned goods and ready-to-eat viands  i.e. Mega Sardines, Mega Creations, Valley Farm, Oh My Ulam!, and Mega Tuna.

Durint the event, Mr. Raffy Lantin, AVP for Sales and Marketing of Mega Global Corporation has expressed the company’s excitement over the launch of this new world-class product from MFC. “Forty years in the business and continuously growing, Mega Global is very excited to introduce our newest product in the market, Mega Tuna. We assure you that, ALL variants of Mega Tuna contains 100% pure tuna with no extenders, no preservatives and no MSG.


Mega Tuna Brand Manager, John Paolo Calona, proudly explained how he sees Mega Tuna and how it is different from any other tuna brands. “We want Mega Tuna to be the top choice of tuna enthusiasts who want to savor the true taste of pure tuna. With no extenders, no preservatives, and no MSG, Mega Tuna gives only 100% pure tuna in every can.


Mega Tuna comes in four variants, namely, Mega Tuna Flakes in Oil, Hot and Spicy, Sweet and Spicy and Spanish-Style. Whichever you choose, you are sure to get 100% pure tuna goodness with Mega Tuna.


Mega Tuna Spanish Style
Mega Tuna Sweet and Spicy

Mega Tuna flakes in oil Mega Tuna Hot and Spicy

During the event, I was one of the lucky guest to first taste this four variants by making my own salad.


My winning creation “MEGA Overload Salad “:)


As a breastfeeding mommy, I’m very conscious on the foods I ate because all my food intake will be pass on to my little master. I always look on the food labels to make sure that the ingredients would do no harm to me & my baby.

My first impression with canned goods is “not so healthy food” because of preservatives, extenders and MSG on its content.

But this impression was change when I attended the MEGA Tuna’s product launch.


Now, I can confidently eat tuna without thinking twice.Thanks to MEGA Tuna for launching a product that No preservatives, No MSG, No Extenders just PURE tuna! .

We can now enjoy all the 4 variants for only P36.50 at our favorite grocery store.

IMG_20151026_163944 IMG_20151026_163950 IMG_20151026_163956 IMG_20151026_164000

Mega Tuna is available in all leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide.


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