The Diabetes Store bridges the gap for people with Diabetes

Diabetes is something close to my heart. My dad died from Diabetes complication when I was still a little kid which I guess I can say was too much for me to deal with at that time. Through the years, my mom has been very paranoid when it comes to our health, she wants to make sure we don’t inherit it from our dad. However, as I was growing up, I tend to do the things that somehow makes me closer to the disease… fortunately, up till now I am still clear from it.

The Media launching of the The Diabetes Store made me realize the things that I was doing wrong and also opened my eyes on what I can do to prevent it happening to me and my kids. My son was diagnosed as obese last year and I can’t help but worry that we might be too late in helping him get healthy. The discussion during the launching somehow helped me realize it is not too late for a lifestyle change not just for my kid but for me as well.

The Diabetes Store is your one stop shop for diabetes products and services. They offer a wide array of products that will help people with diabetes manage it easily plus value added services that is beneficial for the patients and their families.

The Diabetes Store just recently opened their first store at BF Paranaque — people from the south are really lucky to have access to  the first and only specialized store for Diabetes here in the Philippines but those who live far need not worry because you can also purchase their products and services online at

The speakers during the event are Dr. Danilo Valdemor, a well­‐known  diabetologist in the Philippines, having more than 20 years in the field of internal medicine. He wants to venture into the food industry by providing healthy options with great taste. We also had the honor to listen to Ma.Cecille Añonuevo Cruz, MD, Graduated Cum Laude, Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of the Philippines Manila,after which she was awarded Outstanding Intern in Pediatrics, Commmunity Medicine, Family Medicine, Opthalmology,Orthopedics, Psychiatry.Dr. Cruz has been practicing endocrinology and internal medicine for 15 years.Lastly, we have Jose Ramon Syquia Felix. Ramon  graduated from Ateneo de Manila University in 2008, and pursued a career in marketing and advertising thereafter. Currently, he holds position as the Marketing Manager of the JARC Group of Companies, as well as the General Manager of The Diabetes Store.

The Diabetes store is the first ever specialized store for all needs concerning Diabetes. It offers a wide array of products and services that will help people with diabetes check and manage their conditions; ; from medicines,  ready to eat meals, low sugar premium ice cream, dark chocolates, soya chips, low glycemic corn rice,  diabetic socks,  to testing services and diabetes counseling on topics such as Grocery Shopping Assistance.

I liked Soya Chips  and the Soya cookies a lot. I never thought I would but I did. It was really tasty and yummy.

The Diabetes Store aims to bridge the gap between people with diabetes, their families and doctors and they also aim to promote better awareness, knowledge and understanding about Diabetes so the best possible products and services can be offered. They believe in a collaborative approach in managing diabetes by working closely with the patient’s doctor and family members.

Just imagine the relief of having a store where people with diabetes have access to a wide array of products and services that they need. They now get products and services that can help them manage and cope up with their disease, thanks to The Diabetes Store.

Unlike traditional drug stores, TDS is staffed by trained Diabetes Educators (DEs) who are skilled and knowledgeable in  managing diabetes. The DEs engage with the patients by personally guiding  them in their progress–listening to their experiences, recommending  suitable products and services,  and addressing lingering questions about their lifestyle.

Meet Aly, one of their DEs who is always ready to help with any of your needs.

The Diabetes Store is located at 198 J. Elizalde St., BF Homes, Paranaque City with telephone numbers 801-­‐8553 and 806-­‐9267. Visit their website at


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