The Superdudes at the Century City Mall

It was a super fun filled day at the Century City Mall as they present the Superdudes.


Superdudes is a funny and quirky children’s book created by Stevie Nicholson, a member of the well-loved Australian children’s musical group Hi-5. The book, with illustrations by Nick Rudich, focuses on capturing the imagination of children in a playful and engaging way and is based on the philosophy that absolutely anyone and anything can be Super!

The crowd especially the kids were excited to finally meet the Superdudes and have their book signed by them. So much energy was seen all over the venue as the Superdudes led by Super Stevie went up on stage.


After the song and dance performance from the Superdudes, they all sat down and answered questions from their fans who turned to be not just kids but moms and dads as well. There were a lot of questions asked by the audience specifically from the kids which were also entertaining.

When Stevie was asked what makes Superdudes different, he said that Superdudes is the only one of its kind. It believes that every one of us can be a Super dude in our own Super way and also he mentioned that they wanted to create a Super Hero image without the usual fighting.


It was indeed a fun filled day for everyone who attended the event and Century City Mall has more in store for us. To those who missed out on these event, you still can catch the awesome Superdudes on April 16 at 1:30PM, 3:30PM and 5:30PM at the Century City Mall and enjoy the ultimate Superdudes experience with a Show and Workshop featuring Stevie Nicholson and the Superdudes in a fun-filled stage show!

Each ticket costs of Php1,500 and already admits 1 child and 1 adult, and not only that it also comes with a free Php1,500 worth of Century City Mall Gift Certificates! Sounds Amazing, right? Not only you can witness the Superdudes , you can even go shopping after that.

Bring your family especially your kids to come along on an adventure and meet Stevie together with Pencil Pirate, Flutterby and Bubble Trouble!


Tickets are available at The Concierge booth at the ground level of Century City Mall will also offer tickets starting April 4. For further inquiries call the Century City Mall Concierge at 705-6200 loc. 111/112.


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