Mommy Milkshare Event Set to Benefit Fabella Milk Bank :)


The statement “Breastfeeding is best for babies” is seen everywhere in the hospital when I gave birth with our little master Jayden Marcus last December of 2013


Our Little Master Jayden Marcus 🙂

It’s a well-known fact that breastfeeding is best for babies. The World Health Organization states why it is so on their website, and also emphasizes that breastfeeding benefits the mothers who choose to breastfeed their babies.

As a 1st time mom, I don’t have the huge ideas on the benefits of breastfeeding and thanks to my OB Gyne Dra. So for sharing some facts about it.She encourages me to breastfeed my baby and continously educates me on  proper way to breastfeed.


The reality is, though, that some mothers might not be able to breastfeed their children immediately after birth for legitimate medical reasons. Like the one I experienced. Our little master needs to be in NICU for a couple of days due to breathing problems.


I was advised to pump milk because I can’t directly feed him yet. First day of pumping milk is a bit frustrating. I pump for hours but i only got few.


My 1st drops of breastmilk 🙂

But this don’t stop me from pumping more milk for our little master. Day by day my milk supply increases from .25 oz to .5 until i reaches 2 oz on the 3rd day.


Due to low milk supply, NICU nurses told me that our little master needs more milk and my stash is not enough for him. I was on a panic because I don’t want to give him a formula milk. Tried electric breast pump but it’s still the same.

I went to NICU to check how many ml of breast milk should i need to produce for a day for our little master. To my surprise, She told me that our  OB Gyne Dra. So just donated stash of milk. 🙂 (She is currently breasfeeeding his 2yo baby that time) 

 In cases like these, milk donations or milksharing are usually the solution. It should be noted, though, that donor milk should be screened as much as possible, to ensure that it is safe and clean for the babies who will receive it.

 If you’re a breastfeeding mom, or a mom who believes in the importance of breastfeeding, you will probably also consider milksharing or donating one’s breastmilk to be a noble endeavor. Here in the Philippines, human milk banks are actually always in need of breastmilk donations, so it is good to be aware of efforts to collect human milk – like the upcoming “Mommy Milkshare” event organized by The Parenting Emporium and Honeysuckle Philippines (which is actually on its second run; the first run was held in September last year.)

 Scheduled for August 13, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at The Parenting Emporium (No. 29, 1st Street, New Manila, QC), breastfeeding mothers are invited to donate their excess breastmilk for the benefit of Fabella Human Milk Bank. Donors can choose to bring frozen breastmilk (must be expressed between June to August 2016) or express milk onsite.

 In gratitude to the generous milk donors, VPharma’s Mega Malunggay, Mommy Treats, and Honeysuckle – brands that support milksharing – will be giving discounts on select items. Mommy Milkshare participants will also receive loot bags as a “bonus” for their kindness, which is why they are also asked to register for the event via 0917-8110821.

 So, if you are a breastfeeding mom who wants to share her “milky blessings,” head on over to The Parenting Emporium this Saturday! Your efforts and kindness will help many babies who are supported by Fabella Human Milk Bank.

  Note: If you want to donate breastmilk but can’t come to Mommy Milkshare, you may contact Nurse Katrina of The Parenting Emporium at 7253723 or 7386272, and ask how to donate to the TPE Milksharing Hub.


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