Vita Cubes 2 Good Fun Day at Active Fun :)

Last October 22, 2016, We are privileged to be invited on Vita Cubes  2 Good Fun Day at Active Fun BGC.


I decided to bring my mom, my niece Mikayla Katara and our little master Jayden Marcus to the event. After registration, we decided to take a pic on Vita Cubes Wall.

Because we arrived earlier than the set time, We were able to take more pictures while the kiddos are enjoying their snack and their favorite yummy Vita Cubes. 🙂

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Before I continue our exciting experience on the event, I will give you an idea about this cube-shaped jelly candies that come in five different yummy fruity flavors – strawberry, apple, grape, orange and mango called  VITA CUBES.

Vita Cubes is not just the ordinary sweet candies we usually buy at store.

What’s the difference?

This candies is full packed of essential vitamins and minerals that is important with our growing child.

What does it contains?


According to Vita Cubes, It contains the following:

Lysine –  Contains 70% of the child’s RENI. Aids the body in proper growth and energy production. Also helps in calcium absorption.

Zinc –  Contains 70% of the child’s Recommended Energy and Nutritional Intake (RENI). Zinc is known to help in proper functioning of the immune and digestive systems, energy metabolism, and increasing the rate of healing for wounds.

Vit. A – Contains 40% of the child’s RENI; Helps in increasing the body’s immunity to fight infections; Also plays an important role in ensuring healthy eyes and bone development.

Vit. B – Supplies 30-70% of the child’s RENI; Promotes growth and strength and stimulates memory in children in their formative years.; Helps  boost the oxygen circulation in the body, especially the brain, which in turn improved concentration; Helps convert carbohydrates and fats into energy.

Vit. C – Supplies 30% of the child’s RENI; Helps form and repair red blood cells, bones and tissues; Help’s your child’s gums stay healthy; Strengthen your child’s blood vessels, minimizing bruising from falls and scrapes; Helps cuts and wounds heal, boosts the immune system, and keeps infections at bay; Helps the body absorb iron from food sources.

Vit. E – Supplies 45% of the child’s RENI; Boosts the immune system and helps the body fight germs; Keeps blood vessels open wide enough for blood to flow freely; Helps the cells of the body work together to perform many important functions.

Just Spending P12.00 for a 50g pack you or your child can enjoy the nutrients it offers. 



You can purchase it in Sari Sari Stores , supermarkets and local grocery stores near you. 🙂

Continuing our fun experience in the event.

Vita Cubes Management prepares lot of activities that we have enjoyed that day.

The event started with two mommies

The event started with two mommies gives talk about how their blogging experience started. Mommy Frances talks about what She gained from blogging. She elaborates that in blogging it’s not only her writings  that is important for her but what she likes about it is that She gains mommy friends and confidence on it and I super agree with her. 🙂

I have been blogging for almost 2 years and I have gained a lot of friends on the community already and I’m thankful for that. 🙂

During the talk, kiddos where given cake to decorate while mommies are busy listening.

Then longest “VitaCubes” game were given to Mommies and Kiddos.

 My niece Mikayla and I joined but We didn’t won but we did fun joining. 🙂

Over all, the event is worth joining! Thanks Vita Cubes for inviting us and for giving  us goodies & freebies. 🙂

More pictures on my page VITACUBES 2 GOOD Fun Day at Active Fun Pictures

Thanks! :):):)


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